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How to continue recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

May 5, 2020Category : Technology

The standard recruitment procedure has assessment tests to assess candidates’ skills. The companies traditionally conduct this test physically at their premises or at the test centers. Following the passing results, the shortlisted candidates go through the second row of the interview. However, with the global pandemic being declared as the “most severe crisis” after world war II by a UN Agency called International Labor Organizations, the recruitment process standstill.

Some of the standard tests for recruitment conducted across different industry niches are:

– Psychometric Tests: It gives an insight into the behavior and character of the candidate at the workplace. This type of test analyses both the strength and weaknesses of the candidate, thus giving the employer an idea if a candidate is the right fit. It also gives an understanding of the person’s motivation values along with cognitive skills.

– Aptitude Tests: It helps to gauge a candidate’s reasoning skills and also his ability to solve problems at the workplace. It provides an idea about the person’s mental functions like attention, memory, visualization skills, and a few more.

By conducting these tests, you can know the skill set of the candidates and the amount of training required to develop their work persona. 

During COVID-19, the scenario has changed, and about 83% of the companies have either partially or fully closed due to lockdown. It has affected the recruitment plans for almost all organizations. With limited or no movement, it is getting difficult to conduct future hirings. However, with technological advancement, the HRs can resort to online assessment tools to continue the recruitment processes.

Modern technology ensures that there is no necessity for employers or candidates to be physically present during the recruitment process. All processes can be done online starting from assessment to interview, and sending an offer letter to the selected ones.

Disamina, a highly interactive advanced platform can help in assessing candidates online. It helps you to hire the most suitable candidate for any domain and any skills. Remote proctoring technology makes the assessment tests reliable and rules out the possibility of fraudulent practices by candidates.

During the pandemic, conduct online assessments anytime, anywhere, and track the activities of the candidates using remote proctoring system. You need not worry about the crowd at the test center. Host multiple assessments for the candidates and share the link to take the tests from any location conveniently.

Disamina is user friendly which requires no specialized training for user registration and to conduct/give assessments. The system is integrated with automated grading system.

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