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The importance of psychometric tests in organisations

April 14, 2020Category : Uncategorized

Today many organisations are using Psychometric tests during their recruitment process. These tests are very useful for employers while recruiting employees as they can assess intelligence, skills, and personality. The tests provide a valuable insight to the employer regarding a candidate’s aptitude, mental and emotional strength and personality traits which helps in making the right decision while hiring for a job profile.

The construction of psychometric tests for organisations is done keeping in mind the recruitment needs of a business. The report generated from these tests informs the employer about a candidate’s capacity to work, capacity to cope with stress and pressure, and his ability to deal with peers. The method of conducting these tests can be both online as well as physical.

There are several organisations which are investing money in buying software and building tests that allow them to conduct psychometric tests before hiring. It is obvious that the use of these tests serves a lot of benefits to the organisation.

Advantages of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric testing saves employers time and money

Recruiting new staff at an organisation can exhaust a lot of valuable resources like time and money, especially if all the candidates are to be assessed by personal interviews. The use of psychometric tests at the beginning of the application process filter out able candidates in the first step itself. An organisation where competition for jobs is high and thousands of applicants apply for a job, filtering methods like psychometric tests are really appreciative.

Psychometric tests provide a genuine picture of candidates

It is no secret that a lot of candidates tend to lie in their resumes regarding their skills and abilities. By making a candidate address a psychometric test, an employer gets a real picture of the abilities and characteristics of him/her. This undoubtedly makes things easier for the employee and helps him make an informed decision.

It makes the recruitment process fair

Since all the candidates get a fair chance to showcase their real strengths and weaknesses; it makes the recruitment process fair. Candidates are not filtered out on the basis of their mark sheet or socio-economic background but on the basis of their suitability with the job profile.

It helps in hiring candidates for the right job profile

Some candidates interviewing for a certain job profile may have abilities and characteristics suiting another job role being offered by the firm. The test results of psychometric tests help in channelizing the skills and aptitude of a candidate towards the right kind of job.

Psychological tests add validity to the recruitment process

Psychometric tests add validity to the recruitment process because they extract the personality and behavior of the candidate that interviews are less likely to bring out. A candidate might do well in the interview, but if their tests reveal they are not meant to work as a part of a team, they may not be the best candidate for the job.

Many organisations still give a lot of emphasis on education and work experience. Psychometric testing can be used as a bridge to fill the gap between academic achievements and the real abilities of an individual. Also, these tests are beneficial for freshers with no job experience. If your organisation is recruiting new staff and struggling in the recruitment process, it might be time to consider psychometric tests. These tests actually do help you in finding the best candidate for the job.

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