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19 Sep Voice controlled operating system

Recent years it has been seen that the improvements in the quality and performance of speech-based human machine interaction is steady. The next generation of speech-based interface technology will enable easy to use automation of new and existing communication services, making human-machine interaction more natural. For the disabilities people the absence of the data bases and diversity of the articulate handicaps are major obstacles for the construction of reliable speech recognition systems, which explains poverty of the market in systems of speech recognition for disabilities people.

If someone is unable to handle mouse and keyboard or the ports of mouse and keyboard are not functioning, properly there exist some other means to access operating system. “Speech” may act as one of them. There is a growing demand for systems capable of controlling Operating System using only the voice of a person. And this paper represents a way how to control the OS by using voice command. First of all, speech is recognized by the system software and if the speech or voice command is recognized then each and every command executes the corresponding operation upon the Operating System. The desirable characteristics of such a system include scalability that is the efficiency of the process of speech recognition and executing the commands. When we speak, a microphone takes the analog signal and converts the analog signal from our voice into digital chunks of data that the computer analyzes. From this data the computer must extract enough information to confidently guess the word being spoken. This is not, however a small task! In fact, in the early 1990s, the best recognizers were yielding a 15% error rate on a relatively small 20,000 dictation tasks, so the controlling process is very poor. But here an efficient method is used for speech recognition, so the recognition process works very efficiently. And after getting the command the software executes the corresponding operation, so the Operating System operated very smoothly with a user’s speech.

The later part of this paper shows the efficient recognition process, Markov model, voice command execution process and an example of the process for controlling the Operating System.

Ritesh Rai
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