Rai Techintro | Why organic traffic is better?
Organic traffic is often a key element of business success. The quality of visitors largely depends on the source. Conventionally, Paid Search mediums bring in higher quality traffic. Those who click on paid ads are often in a hurry and will be probable to convert into a lead.
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19 Jan Why organic traffic is better?

odtRecognizing your website traffic is an indispensable step for web optimization.  Organic traffic is often a key element of business success.  The quality of visitors largely depends on the source.  Conventionally, Paid Search mediums bring in higher quality traffic. Those who click on paid ads are often in a hurry and will be probable to convert into a lead.  Other traffic sources, however, are not as straightforward.  A huge chunk of website traffic mostly comes from two main sources – direct and organic. As both of these sources are so crucial to our website traffic, we must fully understand each one.

In Layman terms, we can say the people who directly type the URL or reach via their browser bookmarks comprise the direct traffic. However, direct traffic also includes a much broader pool of traffic.  Essentially, Direct sessions occur anytime and Google Analytics cannot determine the referrer. Other instances may include:

  • Clicking a link to a PDF or word document
  • Accessing the site from a shortened URL (depending on the URL shortener)
  • Clicking a link on mobile social media apps
  • When campaign tags are not included in URLs shared in email marketing, social media, paid search ads, etc., the referrer may not always be passed properly
  • If your site uses temporary (302) redirects instead of permanent 301 redirects
  • Accessing a site from organic search, in some instances, might end up being reported as Direct due to browser issues. An experiment conducted by Groupon showed as much as 60% of direct traffic may be from organic searches.

So as you can see, direct traffic can comprehensively include the traffic coming from a wide range of sources, which you might have preferred to be tracked in Analytics.

On the other hand, organic traffic is the traffic which comes to your website as a result of unpaid searches through search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Yes, it is completely free. For many businesses, it’s the main source of traffic. It also tends to have a comparatively higher conversion rate than other sources like paid, referral or social. This is the reason why everyone is so desperate to get more and more of it.

Sometimes in paid traffic, you will get clicks from other sources such as automated machines. For instance, in PPC some people may use software to increase their clicks to earn more. This is not real human visitors, and at the end of the day, it will never convert to lead. Also, the traffic coming from paid search can dry up if there is no consistency in the marketing campaign to draw the traffic to the website.

If your website is ranked using the natural and organic techniques, it will be backbreaking for your competitors to beat your performance on the search engines. It’s so crucial for businesses that a whole new industry is built on it – the SEO industry.  SEO tactics do not involve buying expensive software and programs for analyzing the keyword. By implementing SEO, the quality of your website, in terms of content, will get enhanced and you will ultimately enjoy regular visitors. The more the traffic the higher conversion rate can be expected. Contrary to paid searches, traffic from SEO is evergreen.

 Another benefit of organically driven traffic is building trust and credibility. With the extensive growth in technology, a majority of people use the search engines to look for products and services they need. Therefore, you must create a reliable and trustable online presence so that people can reach out to you.  If your website contains valuable content for the public, Google will favor it. Lack of online presence will only give your competitors an edge in the market.

Although direct traffic brings in a lot of visitors, relying too heavily on it isn’t a good plan. The traffic that comes from organic searches is extremely important. Create higher quality content, use long tail keywords, build links and optimize your website regularly to keep up your ranking.

Ritesh Rai
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